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Starry Pembrokeshire Skies...
so beautiful it has it's own page

Relax around the firepit and enjoy some stargazing -

Pembrokeshire's westerly location in Wales means it is well situated for stargazing with low levels of light pollution and can offer significantly darker skies. The International Space Station crosses the sky above Broadhaven South beach.

Your stay in Pembrokeshire would be incomplete without ending the day huddled around a crackling firepit toasting marshmallows and taking in the breathtaking beauty of these dark night skies. 


With a bit of luck you may see the resident barn owl as it hunts over the meadow at dawn and dusk, or maybe you'll be here when the Milky Way is visible, the shooting stars are zipping or catch a meteor shower (these often take place during the month of August).  

We provide free firewood at King's Mill and encourage you to light the fire pit, grab a blanket, fill a flask (or a glass!) and unwind under the majestic Pembrokeshire sky. 


If you are keen to learn more before you arrive you could access the Dark Sky Discovery website for star gazing tips, downloads and videos.


The Milky Way over Freshwater West Lifeguard station
The Milky Way over Stack Rocks -
Starry skies over King's Mill campsite
The Milky Way over the seaweed hut-Freshwater West
The Milky way over Snipe
The Milky Way over King's Mill Campsite
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